Software Outsourcing

China May Surpass India in Outsourcing
According to the independent technology analyst, Ovum, India's share in the outsourcing market is declining and China is providing significant competition in this arena.
Top Seven Tips for Essential Outsourcing Criteria
Outsourcing has many aspect as an important function for an organization.
Citrusleaf (No SQL, Non Relational, Scalable, Transactional, Distributed Database ) Review
Citrusleaf is a self-organizing, distributed, highly available, linearly scalable elastic system for data storage and retrieval.
Summary Box: India's Infosys posts lower profit
THE DROP: Infosys Technologies Ltd., India's second-largest software services company, said quarterly profit fell as a weak euro ate into overseas earnings.

New Delhi, May 17 (ANI): Internet of Things (IOT) refers to networks of real-world objects linked to the Internet that interact through web services.
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