Smartdata enterprises, the offshore software outsourcing company

Monday, April 20, 2009

MOHALI - Smartdata enterprises, an offshore software outsourcing company, has expertise in web and software applications development in the ever-growing software development offshore outsourcing global market.

In 1996, SmartData Enterprises Incorporation, a consulting company was formed in Silicon Valley, California.

It was three years later in 1999, the company saw the vast potential in the IT sector in India and set up SmartData Enterprises (India) Ltd, a database company with four members.

Over the years, the company has grown and today boasts of having over a dozen clients globally. Its preferred partners are in the U.S. and Europe.

Based in Mohali and Nagpur, SmartData Enterprises today makes websites and databases for real estate, healthcare, e-commence, community portals and infotainment.

It’s an ISO certified company, which has over 300 staff including professionals in Microsoft technologies and Open Source platforms.

On an expansion spree, the company is looking at new markets, sustaining and enlarging them globally and getting accustomed to cultural challenges.

“Major customer base is still the U.S. But over a period of 4/5 years we have reduced the dependency. We have reduced the dominance of U.S. customers in terms of percentage pie.

We have customers in Europe then. We have customers in pen pacific ring, which includes Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. We are actually trying to get more customers even by giving them extra discount,” says Ajay Tewari, Chief Executive Officer of the Smartdata Enterprises (I) Ltd.

SmartData Enterprises provides quality graphic design, flash and animations to its foreign clients. Besides, it provides graphic designing solutions for customers linked to small and medium enterprises and the entrepreneurial community.

SmartData is also a Microsoft Gold Partner certified company and a leading player on B2C market place Odesk and has done business over 1.2 million dollars with Elance, a California-based company.

The company also has clients in Israel, Greece and the Caribbean.

To serve its global partners, SmartData Enterprises is planning to expand its facilities in India.

“At this point we are putting those plans little on the back shelf because of the current economy but definitely we will not be a 2-city company. We have plans which place will depend on what assistance we get from the local government and what kind of resource pool is available,” says Ajay Tewari.

The company has been able to work out excellent operations management by establishing its credentials in the global market and has been able to overcome the teething problems of having the right resource for the right job.

The company’s ability to manage complex-challenging projects like Macromedia and Bank of America has ensured that it attracts the right talent.

Its reach from small to medium sized projects to enterprise level clientele - means that it has achieved phenomenal success.

Smartdata Enterprises was selected by Ernst and Young worldwide as one of the 15 potential growing Indian companies suitable for possible funding opportunities. By Sunil Sharma (ANI)

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