Guide To IT Entrepreneurship in India

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 5, 2006

I gave a presentation on IT entrepreneurship at National Institute of Technology Durgapur to MBA students and local entrepreneurs in summer of this year. The presentation was in my laptop which I finally got a chance to open today. The presentation may be slightly cryptic to some as there are not much notes to go by. However overall it provides a good summary of possibilities of IT entrepreneurship landscape in India and lots of ideas to learn more about and move forward on. I briefly touched upon BPO, Software Outsourcing, Software product development and finally funding options.

Let me know if you find this presentation useful to your entrepreneurship dreams. Feel free to ask further questions.

You can download the presentation below:
IT Entrepreneurship in India.


January 8, 2009: 8:06 pm

But it is not enough to be an IT graduate for you to be successful in this field. You should have asked yourself about things to consider in setting a business. An individual must now what is available and viable to find a strategies for good results.

November 5, 2006: 11:23 pm


I like your blog for sheer quality that each of your blog entries provide. You dissappointed me this time.
Here are my reasons,
1) Apart from slides 5,11,12– the rest were non-informative and probably for a MBA course a trivial as they form part of common knowledge. Even slides 11 and 12 lacked the source reference for data provided.
2) What new ideas did your talk give , than the superfical overview?
First look at it makes me feel like its an Entrepreneurship gimick, with punch lines like “stay hungry stay foolish”. Was it meant to be just an inspirational talk? If YES, then all my comments go wasted.
3) Title is very misleadng. What is being said about how does a newbie go about it in the real world.
I may go on,but probably you are much better in presenting it a proper manner in staying faithful to the title.

I truly understand when you have a disclaimer upfront,saying this ppt does not have notes(etc) , but one can sure get the flow from the ppt.
I have taken pains to comment, just because the article and the ppt sucked. I felt this is a time to comment cox I am used to very high quality articles from your blog. Hope this is not taken personally, as the very intention of this message is not that.

Here is what I would have liked
1) Challenges and obstacles in the current scene in India
2) Way its done globally, or the way they work differently.
3) Prerequisites or how does one go about it.

This site
has clear goals on what your trying to address and has quality content. Hope this site helps in your articles.

Sorry for being a harsh critic, it was not meant to be one.


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