Every UK Home will Get Superfast Broadband by 2020

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, March 21, 2010

broadband Prime Minister of UK, Mr Gordon Brown is expected to promise later that every UK home will be able to access superfast broadband by the year 2020. He is due to announce that superbroadband which may be called “the electricity of the digital age” is a must for all citizens. He will also warn “the digital divide” if Govt leaves the broadband service to the market.

The conservative party attacked Labor for levying an annual charge of 6 pound to provide the service. Both parties pledges that they will do more to put government services online and make Britain a world leader in digital revolution. Prime minister will also note that the faster broadband is going to bring cheaper and reliable online service and advanced entertainment option as well as making business easier. The result of super broadband service will be driven not by need , but by profitability.

“The result would be super-fast broadband coverage determined not by need or by social justice, but by profitability.

The government is planning to impose 50p-a-month levy on landlines to make sure that the people in the rural areas can also avail this service.The conservatives further attacked on the tax proposals and argued that they will compel BT to open up competition in the broadband area. They also claimed if they win they will provide UK fastest broadband connection in Europe.

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