Dell Takes Veil Of Social Media Listening Command Center
Dell's CEO and CMO Karen Quintos have launched something really big.
You can Turn Dell’s new Window 7 tablet into a Laptop
Dell unveiled 10-inch gorgeous Tablet runningon windows 7 at Intel Developer forum in San Francisco.
Almost Half of the Student Notebook Buyers Go for Mac
According to the new survey by Student Monitor this weekend, almost half of the college students are planning to buy Macs as their notebook purchase plan.
Blade Server Performs Better than Mainframe
According to the market research firm Gartner, server market grew by 4.5 % compared to last year while revenue dropped by 3.2 %.
Apple is the most Reliable Computer: Survey
As per the latest annualsurvey conducted by Rescuecom, a national tech support company based in Syracuse, N.Y., Apple is number 1 in terms of reliability.
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