Apple is the most Reliable Computer: Survey

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

apple-logo  As per the latest annual survey conducted by Rescuecom, a national tech support company based in Syracuse, N.Y., Apple is number 1 in terms of reliability. The company measured reliability dividing each company’s U.S. market share, as measured by IDC, by the percentage service calls Rescuecom received for each maker’s PC. But, the readers said that Rescuecom’s numbers does not include those number for Apple computers which are either repaired by corporate IT department or by the company’s service contract like Apple Care.

Although, the score of Apple is the highest in 2010, but, the difference with its nearest competitor shrank from 200 points in 2008 to only 60 points in 2010. The survey was based on 20,000 calls to its 800 number during the 2006 report. Similarly, they didn’t disclose the exact number of calls this year. The closest one in the survey in 2010 is Asus Computer. The US market share, % of Reliability and Rescuecom’s Reliability scores for Apple computers are 8.0, 2.2% and 365 respectively and that of nearest competitor Asus PCs are 2.7, 0.9% and 305 respectively.

“Apple finished the year with a higher score than Asus,” he wrote. “However it was Asus who won the spotlight with its impressive 190.7% growth, year over year. Conversely, Dell’s negative growth and poor reliability scores led to an increased need for Dell customers to seek computer repair. This performance stopped Dell from reaching a top five position,” said   president, Josh Kaplan at a press release.

February 24, 2010: 9:08 am

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