Almost Half of the Student Notebook Buyers Go for Mac

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

studentmonitor2010-lg2 According to the new survey by Student Monitor this weekend, almost half of the college students are planning to buy Macs as their notebook purchase plan. Out of the 87 percent of prospective buyers, 47 percent are keen to get some type of MacBook. This is an all-time high number for Apple. Incidentally, interest for Dell and HP dropped to just 12 and 11 percent each. The existing owners are also very much fond of Mac for their future plan. The market share of Macbook which stands currently at 27% overshadows Dell’s 24 percent and HP’s 14 percent market share. Apple’s share of desktop currently stands at 14% in comparison to combined share of 45% by Dell and HP.

The study further said that the sell of 13 inch Macbook Pro is on steep rise because it provides many of the features and design of larger model at a lower price. The 10 hours battery life is also very useful for students because they need to use the notebook with the battery for many hours. The result of the study is sharp contrast to its findings in 2005 when Dell has 47% share. However, the study didn’t explain why the demand for Apple Notebook is constantly on the rise.

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