NEW YORK - At the beginning of the re-emergence of 3-D, the focus was on film, with movies like "Avatar" paving the way for the technology to become an integral part of the cinema experience.

NEW YORK - May the force be in 3-D.

Checking into Facebook sporadically while writing my review of "The Social Network," I notice my hairstylist commenting on how freakishly hot it's been in Los Angeles, an old friend announcing she's flying back to Dallas from a business trip in New Jersey and a sports colleague posting a photo of himself while on assignment in Wales covering the Ryder Cup.

NEW YORK - "The Social Network" is a stylish, hyper-speed portrait of a Web-connected generation made by two men with scant love for the Internet who wouldn't be caught dead "friending" anybody.
Warner Bros., Sony offer more 3-D Blu-ray movies
LOS ANGELES - Warner Bros. says it will release six 3-D movies on Blu-ray ahead of the holidays, while Sony Pictures announced one more.
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