Notes from the peanut gallery: The 10 funniest tweets during the Oscars

Monday, March 8, 2010

The 10 funniest tweets during the Oscars broadcast

The commentary on social media during the Academy Awards broadcast was often more entertaining than the show itself.

Here are 10 of the funniest Oscar tweets. Think of them as notes from the peanut gallery.

—”Shhhh. I’m live tweeting from directly under Sandra Bullocks chair.” — Rainn Wilson (rainnwilson), actor.

—”Charlize Theron would like to thank R. Crumb and my 16-year-old id for designing her outfit tonight.” — David Itzkoff (ditzkoff), New York Times reporter.

—”Just got lost for a minute, sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah … Zach Effron’s (Zac Efron) eyes!” — Rob Corddry (robcorddr), comedian.

—”Looks like a Young Victoria sweep.” — David Wain (davidwain), comedian.

— “Shortest Oscar story in history: ( ! > $ )” — Roger Ebert (ebertchicago), film critic.

—”Jeff Bridges is quickly closing in on Matthew McConaughey for ‘best actor who has become a character from an early movie.’” — Bill Simmons (sportsguy33), ESPN columnist.

—”Oscars Fun Fact — Samuel L. Jackson spends 40 percent of his yearly income on Kangol hats …” — Eric Stangel (EricStangel), “Late Show With David Letterman” writer-producer.

—”Oh, Sam Worthington, your glasses make me think you’re imperfect and therefore accessible.” — Mindy Kaling (mindykaling), actor-writer.

—”Oprah’s about to tell everyone in the audience there’s an Oscar under their seat.” — Foster Kamer (weareyourfek), blogger.

—”James Cameron is going into his own hurt locker right now.” — Paul Scheer (paulscheer), comedian.

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