WARSAW, Poland - The Auschwitz memorial in Poland says it has obtained around 150 medical instruments believed to have been used by the Nazis in experiments on the death camp inmates.
Europe's bruised economies search for way forward
MADRID - The wreckage of Spain's economic growth model stands neatly aligned on the roads leading out of Madrid - row after row of unsold houses, windows dark, for-sale signs out front.
Microsoft rival: browser downloads double
BRUSSELS - Norway's Opera said Thursday that downloads of its browser more than doubled after Microsoft Corp.
Woof! Baltic the sea dog swimming through fan mail
WARSAW, Poland - The incredible story of Baltic, the Polish pooch rescued from an ice sheet at sea, has struck a chord worldwide.
Facebook a virtual memorial site for World War II
WARSAW, Poland - Henio Zytomirski's Facebook profile picture stands out from most.
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