China Denies US Web Hijack Claim
China Telecom, the country's biggest fixed line phone carrier, denied US Govt report that China hijacked worldwide Internet traffic in April, 2009 and the company had redirected 15 % of network routes through Chinese servers for 18 minutes.The company denied the allegation through an email statement.
The Latest Push for Web Privacy in US is Welcome
The Advocacy group welcomed the recent move by US Govt for web privacy with new laws and new watchdog.
Global Net Users to Surpass 2 bilion by the End of 2010
According to the latest report by United Nation, one third of the global population are going to be net users by the end of 2010. The Telecommunications Union (ITU) further reported that the online users across the globe has doubled in the last five years.
Facebook Likely to Go for IPO by the Late 2012
In order to satisfy the hunger of the investors to invest at one of the Internet's biggest growth firm, there is a high degree of chances that Facebook, the biggest social networking site, may go on public by the late 2012.
Web Users Hang out More on Facebook than Google
According to new data from market researcher ComScore, Internet users spend more time socializing on Facebook in August rather than searching information on Google searching engine.
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