Top 6 Android Apps that a New User will Find Interesting

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

android  Most of the people who use android phone get their essential apps like Gmail, the Web browser, and Google Maps with the device. You can also play and download music using Amazon mp3 store that comes with it. However, like iPhone apps, you can also download apps from android market. As an user, you can check out the following apps which has immense benefit from my perspective.

  • Phonebook 2.0: Phonebook 2.0 is an all-in-one combination of applications like instant messaging, social networks and life streaming. It backs up your contacts, notifies users when they are online, displays birthday reminders and helps centralize all communications.
  • CompareEverywhere and GoCart: The purpose of both the applications are the same. They compare prices and save money. Using a camera, you can take a picture of the item to scan it. The apps compares the price and shops for you. You can go through on line review of the item and may create alert if the price drops. CompareEverywhere uses GPS and locate the nearby shop for you.
  • Teradesk e_storage: Teradesk is used for virtual file storage and remote file access. Users store and control their files by the using Teradesk Server and the files are transferred in encrypted form to and from the cellphone. You can access the virtual disk using any client like Java, Web and Android. This tool uses relations to connect files to people groups. Android phone can access Teradata using 3G, or Wifi connectivity.
  • Bio Wallet: BioWallet is a password and secrets manageras well as a Biometric authentication app. This app will lock your device or secure your files. This tool stores the secret information using strong biometric encryption and users can recover them without remembering any password.
  • TuneWiki: TuneWiki is a social music player for mobile phones. This is  a media application for Google Android that scrolls through a song’s lyrics when you play a song or YouTube music video. TuneWiki also makes music social – with community wiki-features for lyric and translation updates and real-time mapping. Additionally, this app provides listening habit of the community in a geographical location.
  • ShareYourBoard: This tool will let you save any idea that may come up in your mind. You can take whiteboard pictures with your phone regardless of  angle, lighting, type of whiteboard or markers are used. It will also detect the whiteboard edges on the image, improve the readability and extract all the information you need. You can save and edit comments and also share your idea with your your friends or leave it private.
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