500 Internal Server Error In YouTube

By Sayantika, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 5, 2010

Re: You Tube
SAN FRANCISCO (Gaea Times.com)- World’s most favorite video sharing website YouTube has been reported to witness 500 Internal Server Error as complained by the YouTube users. It all started off today April 5 in the morning as many regular YouTube users complained of a continuous 500 Internal Server Error.

It has been quite an annoying phase as users were deprived access to their favorite video sharing website and went through the 500 Internal Server Error problem which persisted for about an hour giving all the users a hard time to access their videos. In fact, the 500 Internal Server Error was so annoying that YouTube users kept tweeting at a rate of two tweets in one minute which spoke nothing but only about the 500 Internal Server Error.

Reportedly, YouTube’s mainframe system has been through a lot of changes in a few months which included its channel look and options. Some users have even complained about not being able to download videos from the site. The so called 500 Internal Server Error which kept flashing whenever people tried to access YouTube is reported to be a general response error which occurs only when any request thrown off the server is not being able to find its tight path or not being able to perform, the particular task. The 500 Internal Server Error has a string of error codes like 507 which happens due to Storage capacity issues, 504 which suggests a Gateway Timeout and 509 which refers to issues with the bandwidth. However, the 500 Internal Server Error occurs when the root cause for the problem cannot be identified. The happy note is that YouTube has recovered from 500 Internal Server Error and is back in full swing.


April 10, 2010: 1:10 pm

Today, April 10, i was applying for a partnership on youtube, and after i put in my adsense info, it said the 500 internal error. Any help?

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