Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro / Gold: Statistics

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro & Gold collects and display useful statistics on the functionality of the plugin as well as the intelligent caching engine.

The statistics is available from Translator Plugin Pro Options panel in Basic tab and in Advanced -> Cache Management tab. It is also available for display on your web pages as described below.

Statistics provided with explanations

  • Total page translation requests - Total pages requested for translation. You will realize the value of the plugin from this data alone.
  • Request by human - We identify human visitors from robotic requests. This gives the actual number of pages requested by human beings (or other sentient beings).
  • Request by robot - Requests by web robots / web spiders / web crawlers etc. They indicate interest in your content by search engines and other automated agents. Normally robotic requests are much larger than human requests. Check my stats from one of my blogs in the enclosed images for some idea.
  • Translated Pages in cache - Total number of pages in cache. The data is compressed to reduce space requirements. Note: You can individually delete pages from the cache or even the whole cache from Advanced -> Cache Management section.
  • Cache hit - Percentage of pages which were successfully served from cache. Cached pages are served very quickly and with minimal database calls. Also they do not burden the translation engines thereby reducing network traffic as well as reducing the risk of over-burdening the translation engines.
  • Cache miss - Percentage of requested pages which wasn’t found in cache. Low cache miss is good. You will see more cache miss earlier on as pages are being translated. After sometime cache miss should be reduced to around 10% or less, based on my blog.

How to display translator statistics on web pages

You can display summary statistics for your blog users using the Translator Stats widget, available from Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets menu when a widget enabled theme is used (like Anaconda) along with the widget plugin.

Note: The widget plugin is not required for WordPress 2.2 or later as it is part of the core.

The summary statistics for display on your web pages is available through a custom tag as described below:
<?php if(function_exists('tgGetTranslatorStats')) echo tgGetTranslatorStats() ?>

You can enclose the code in any of your theme files like sidebar.php (check your theme documentation for details). Show the translator statistics and win admiration from your visitors. You can see it in action from the right sidebar of this blog.

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