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5 Top and Best Most Popular Offline Wordpress Editor
Wordpress blogging these days have been really simplified with loads of plugins coming up your way without costing a penny.

SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. is giving up on its own blog network and, in a new partnership, will start sending new Windows Live users to a competing platform instead.
Is Tosh.0 Responsible for Celebrity Networth.Com Crash??
NEW YORK ( -- The website named Celebrity has been shut down without any prior notice.
Cheapest Performance Improvement Tip for Heavily Used File Systems (High IO Wait) / Heavily Loaded MySQL Database / Over worked WordPress
I am sure you have heard a lot of theoretical discussions on what is the best file systems to use, which IO scheduler and which storage device - ATA (obsolete), SATA, SAS, SSD etc.
How to Migrate from Google Blogger Blog to Self-hosted WordPress Blog
When Google Blogger hit the Blogging market in 1999, it was very popular because it is very easy to set up.
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