Translator Plugin Pro 5.1 Released

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 4, 2008

Translator Plugin ProTranslator Plugin Pro provides automatic machine translation of WordPress blogs in 13+1 languages - German,Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and optionally Norwegian.

The new features in version 5.1 are:

1. In the option page (under Advanced -> Miscellaneous section) it now provides SQL queries which you can execute in your database to significantly speed-up Translator Pro on heavily trafficked sites. It adds indexes to the tables for faster querying.

2. Improved user interface

3. Translator Plugin Pro adds a new feature to verify completeness of translated pages by checking for keywords or tags in your page. This elegantly handles the failures in third party translation engine. This adds to the extensive checks we perform to ensure quality and completeness of translated pages.

4. New translation engine errors have been added for automatic fail-over support and load-balancing.

5. Overall performance improvement and optimizations have been added to this release.

6. New extensive documentation have been added in this release, old documentation revised and updated. You can read the full documentation here. Don’t forget to check our developer API for writing your custom look and extensions.

You can read about all the features here.

We now provide online help desk on our new support site. Please register there for customer support.

Please post your feedback in Translator Plugin Pro forum.

Translator Plugin Pro 5.1 is fully compatible with WordPress 2.5 as well as earlier version of WordPress.


September 20, 2009: 12:34 am

Andy said> “google already makes that. what does it make better then google*”

With Google the pages created are not part of your site, they are dynamically created in response to the request and are hosted on Google’s server.

With this plugin, the pages are part of your site and remains there permanently, independent of whether Google remains in business few years from now or not.

The pages are indexed as your regular content and searchable by search engines like your regular content. Can you say the same about Google’s translated pages?

The translated pages do not contain any special artifacts like popups as in Google translated pages.

Check out the details of the latest version of the Translator plugin pro & gold.

September 19, 2009: 9:29 pm

google already makes that. what does it make better then google*

May 22, 2008: 3:59 pm

The version 5.1 sounds good, i think i would´nt wait for the version 6!

April 4, 2008: 1:02 pm

Thanks a ton for sending me the update.

Love the plugin.

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