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Update: It appears JDK 7 API has drasctially changed over several iterations.

Checking for symbolic link (in supported platform) is a long time requirement of Java developers.
How to fully read InputStream to a String with Default Charset
If you are out there puzzled, knowing not what to do and yet transforming that InputStream to a String with Default Charset is an utmost necessity, then let me tell you don't just wait around thinking cause its going to take a lot of time for the whole procedure to run.
Deterministic Parallel Java, an Extension of Java Improves Development of Parallel Apps
Computer scientists at the University of Illinois have developed extensions to Java in order to address the critical issue of parallel application development.
Apple publishes guidelines for app approval
NEW YORK - Apple Inc. on Thursday gave software developers the guidelines it uses to determine which programs can be sold in its App Store, yet it reserved for itself broad leeway in deciding what makes the cut.
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