10 Newest Free software in 2009 for Windows 7 and Vista

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

windowsThose who had thought Windows 7 was just a cosmetic upgrade of Vista couldn’t have been more wrong.  Windows 7 is packed with new and enhanced features, which has taken the performance and productivity of Microsoft’s OS to the next level. Windows 7 is all set for grand release in a month and we can see some cool software that can enhance your experience with Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. Well, there’s a bunch of software for Windows released every day, with some free ones. We made a list of newest software for Windows 7 and Windows Vista that are completely free.

1. 360 Desktop


Do you wanna turn your usual Windows 7 desktop into a 360° workspace? Here’s a hack for you. 360 Desktop allows you to slide wide for almost unlimited desktop space. Just clip the web and put it on your desktop, then create and share spectacular 360° interactive wallpapers. It is a gallery and widget platform for sharing art. But it requires you to install an Adobe Flash Player.


2. FastPictureViewer (32-bit)


Whether photography is you passion or profession you always require a cool image manager.  You can always pick FastPicureViewer as an image viewer to quickly scan through images, view histograms and image metadata, and label photos. The software provides full color management including support for custom profiled monitors, ratings functions compliant with Windows Vista.


3. Mp3 Cutter 1.0

With this handy tool you can split, cut and trim MP3 file and save results into new MP3 files. With the Audio Player embeded in this program you can manually select segments that you need to slice. What’s most important is that the software doesn’t compromise the quality of MP3 files.


4.  JAlbum

This free software allows you to create cool photo galleries for the Web. Simply drag and drop folders containing images or movie files onto JAlbum, and it creates thumbnails and HTML pages to publish your images as a gallery or as a picture slide show.


5. MusikCube


It’s an easy to use, uncluttered, lightweight software program that grows into your habit if you start with it once. Probably this is how iTunes should appear. With handy plugins you can make an easy transition like being able to grab ratings from iTunes or Windows Media Player as well as import them to MusikCube.


6. CPU Speed Professional

Voila! At first go I couldn’t believe such a handy piece of software could be free. Fortunately it is free and offers a Test My Speed button to ramp up you CPU (Intel or AMD) to maximum. Watch the MHz needle sweep across the speedo dial to see your CPU speed. It provides more details as you click the Show CPU Details button - cpu manufacturer, published speed, memory configuration and more.


7.  PDF Info


The PDF files are stamped or labeled by the PDF creation software. This utility software allows you to change PDF documents properties including subject, keywords, creator, author, title and producer information. With PDF you can also add or remove hidden information in the header part of PDF file.


8. Free YouTube Download

This is an exclusive software for all YouTube buffs. With this software you can download HD, HQ or normal quality video from YouTube to your PC with just a mouse click. You can also download single videos or complete playlists and users’ channels. Further, you can save the videos in your preferred format - AVI, FLV or MP4.


9. MusicBee


Well if you have an extensive music collection and find it difficult to manage, here’s a software for you. This is a Windows application designed to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices and on the web.


10. Active ISO Burner

This is a simple easy to use ISO burner. It features an easy to use no frills interface with two input fields. The first field requests the location of the ISO to be burnt. With this software you can burn an ISO image file to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DL DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.


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