oracle_6137 According to a recent press release, Oracle has been witnessing increasing adoption of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 with over 9.1 million downloads of the Java EE SDK and GlassFish Server distributions during the last 12 months. Oracle Technology Network(OTN) that has developers, administrators, and architects already surpassed 10 million registered users. The company has delivered wide range of developers' tool in the last six months like Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle Team Productivity Center, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, NetBeans, and Oracle Solaris Studio.
bom-sabado-orkut-worm Kolkata ( - According to the latest reports, Orkut has been attacked by Bom Sabado Worm. The worm is reported to be posting scraps to with the text Bom Sabado which means Good Saturday in Portuguese. Portuguese is official language of Brazil which is the last bastion of the Google owned Social networking Website. India is next to Brazil in terms of members using their services.
spammming According to security provider M86 Security, many spammers based in China are opening new domain registration in Russia. There are 6000 new domain registration in Russia during the last month to support the spam campaigning, the company further said. The latest move is due to the fact that the Chinese domain regulator, China Internet Network Information Center tightened the rules for domain registration further.
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