recession According to the survey by Nielsen, global confidence dropped in September significantly across Europe and USA because half of the consumers worldwide think they are still in recession.  For many consumers,  income hit at its lowest level since the quarterly survey began four years ago and  27 percent of Americans, 19 percent of Europeans and 16 percent of Latin Americans say they had no extra cash after paying essential day to day expenses. However, confidence remains high across Asia except Japan even though rising food prices causes concern among some consumers.
NEW YORK - Democratic attacks on employment outsourcing in this year's campaigns are alienating a once-stalwart source of the party's funding, Indian-Americans, who believe India is sharing blame unfairly for the decline of U.S. manufacturing jobs.
ibm IBM recently introduced security assessments solution that will make cloud computing safer.   It was aimed to target the security challenges of cloud computing with the help of  new cloud security planning and assessment services and managed services to help clients secure their clouds. The latest study conducted by IBM among 556 IT managers globally, found that 77% of businesses think that they have to sacrifice privacy to adopt cloud computing, 50% are concerned  about data breaches of could computing, and 23% fear that cloud computing will weaken company security.
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