2011 Ford Explorer Unveiled

By Swatilekha Paul, Gaea News Network
Monday, July 26, 2010

DEARBORN (GaeaTimes.com)- American automaker Ford Motors co. has managed to create a stir after revealing the brand new re-designed version of the Ford Explorer on Monday. With the new 2011 Ford Explorer, the car company expects to herald a new era of more fuel-efficient, streamlined sports utility vehicles. The new version of the SUV would offer a huge array of facilities to the customers which is expected to provide the SUV loyalists with a smooth drive and in turn leave them delighted.

The company officials have stated that the 2011 Ford Explorer would boost of 20 to 30 per cent better mileage in comparison to the older versions on the basis of the engine option. At the same time, the vehicle with the fresh designs would have a reduced towing capacity than the outgoing model which has been revealed to be 5,000 pounds versus 7,115 pounds of the earlier versions. The hype surrounding the 2011 Ford Explorer has been skyrocketing, courtesy the steady flow of news from the automaker about the improved version of the vehicle which included release of teaser photos. However, the anticipation engulfing the vehicle reached its zenith recently when in a press release was issued by Ford that hinted that the Ford Explorer would play a pivotal role in providing an impetus to the economy of United States.

While talking about the 2011 Ford Explorer, Amy Marentic, a marketing manager of the American car company stated that there are four million Explorers plying in the road today while 140,000 Explorer owners intend to purchase a new vehicle every year due to which they are hoping that the new version of SUV would be welcomed by its customers.

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