7 Essential Tips to Avoid Your Mails Reach Customers’/ Subscribers’ Spam Folders

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Amongst all the fuss about spam protection and prevention from your email folder, an absolutely neglected point is, there are times when important mails you send don’t reach recipient’s inbox but the bulk or spam folder. So your mails are never read. What do you do to be sure of reaching the right people at the right place? So I thought of helping you with 7 tips which will considerably increase your chance to avoid spam folders of your customers or subscribers. This will not only help you personally but also help you to have a boost in your online marketing service.

1. A Meaningful Sender name

There is a saying that, There is never a second chance to first impression. People after opening an unknown email wants to see the sender’s name first before going through the content. If it is as greek as xxx3434@myisp.com then he will mark it as spam without even thinking for a second. Use a sender name that’s simple, easily recognized, and expected by the  subscribers. Make sure that your From email address is recognized as well because some email applications such as AOL display only the sender email address, not the name.

2. Constructive and Informative Subject Name

Don’t present yourself stupid even before delivering about your product or information. A message with a vague Subject line like “super offer for you!!!” will  absolutely be reported as spam. You can make your email recognizable by including your company or newsletter name in brackets at the beginning of your subject lines, for example “[Taragana]: The best software and technology service provider”.

3. Whitelist your domain through the Recipients

This will prevent a user-based filter from flagging your message as spam and either moving it to the spam folder or inserting “[SPAM]” to the message Subject. You can include the instructions on whitelisting your domain or email address in the Email Admin Centre area.

4. Don’t Make Your Content Look Like a Typical Spam

Try not to use garish, bold fonts; large, red letters, and the like. A message with a clean, readable design is not likely to be taken for spam. Remember, simplicity is a virtue that never goes unattended.

5. Don’t send mails too often

If the recipients used to receive your newsletter once a week or month, don’t suddenly start emailing every other day.

6. Strictly Maintain Subscriber’s Preference

Respect the subscriber’s preferences. If the subscriber opted in to receive your “Tips & News” newsletter, don’t send them e-commerce and promotion messages, unless they clearly requested them. This will by no way be a healthy promotion for your company but you will lose the penny you had.

7.  Remind the recipient about subscription

Many subscribers receive dozens of commercial email messages every day and they may forget they signed up for your newsletter. It’s reasonable to add to your Email Admin Center the information about the user’s subscription: subscriber’s email address, opt-in date, and newsletter he/she subscribed to.

If you go through all these instructions, I hope there will be a considerable amount of increase in reaching people whom you want to without being marked as spams.

[Source: glockeasymail.com]

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