Is Internet a Blessing or Curse?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 22, 2010

internet  People use internet to get fastest information now a days. Also, it is cheapest and easier to browse through rather than flipping through pages of books. Young people today find it amazing to look for any kind of inform using mostly Google or other search engines. However, there is a question whether it is safe for adolescent people to search for anything they want.  That raises the question further whether Web is a blessing or curse for the younger generation. 

Internet is a big help for millions of people across the world to share information and stay connected beyond the geographical boundary. You can build strong relationship with any like minded people across the world with instant messaging and E-mail. Nobody is friendless in today’s world. You can socialize easily with your kind of people, not going out , but by clicking the mouse.

Social networking sites are a big blessing for net surfers. Although, we can not see the network, but it can link you any number of people around the world. Since, internet brings so many conveniences now a days, most of the people are obsessed and dependent on it. We feel ourselves fortunate enough because we can establish social contacts with other people at any time, any place. There are quite a few popular social networking sites like  like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace that serves the purpose. But, there are always question at the back of our mind how safe we are on line. Does it provide enough security to the users or we sometimes involuntarily disclose our information without knowing the consequences.

The younger generation need proper counselling and guidance about pros and cons of using internet. I mention a few key points to remember all the time while on net.

  • Never ever disclose your phone number and address to a stranger who you met on line very recently.
  • Do not disclose your password to anybody.
  • While using social networking site, you have to pay attention about the level of security you set.
  • When you get spam, report it and ignore them.
Now a days it is very easy to browse any profile on line and figure out the personal details of the person. So, you have to be careful in terms of providing personal information while on line. You never know somebody may be watching you. It is a web and trap that offers both good and bad.
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