Exercise Bike Clearance: How Target’s Aggressive SEO Techniques Affect Google Search

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

google_spam_x2201SEO is the key to get your website right on the top of Google Search. Healthy SEO tactics are fair unless you drag them to a spaming level. Interestingly, big brand retailer Target.com is enjoying the Christmas occasion with its unethically optimized site topping Google search. When we accuse Target.com that doesn’t mean the other online retailers don’t use the SEO spam technique.  Having said that, its unlikely to see Google allowing Target.com to spam to trigger an unfair competition. The issue came to light with the search for Exercise Bike Clearance with Target.com occupying the first slot in the list.

The gets hotter as Greg Niland is blogging about Target.com’s aggressive near-spam search engine optimization. It’s quite critical to decipher how this affects the Google, and its difficult to say whether it will persist.

Moreover,  it’s difficult to say whether everything what Greg Niland says in his blog is true. But, it’s high time for Google to act. Not just them Target’s SEO team must take up the issue to discard the unfair competition. What most amazing is you won’t receive any results when you search “Exercise Bike Clearance’” Target.com.

This is how Greg Niland justifies the act in his blog

Please Note – I did not want to expose Target’s flaws but I feel it is very unfair how they are being rewarded by Google at the expense of the mom & pop retailer stores.

Whatever be the reason, this is no fair play and Target.com can never justify this, neither can Google. However, now the Exercise Bike Clearance appears on the fourth slot in Google search.


June 5, 2010: 8:35 pm

What BS.. THIS is the first website that came up.. Target was not even on the first page!!

You must work for Walmart…

January 20, 2010: 5:07 am

i naver ever seen this type blog. i am very happy to see this……………

January 5, 2010: 4:39 am

Thanks for the post and for sharing the very useful information related to SEO techniques.

December 23, 2009: 12:27 pm

Wow, thanks for bring my attention to it. I have been hearing more and more such unfair competition examples, and it’s truly appalling. I consider SEO one of those tools that can make small business just as visible as a large one, and this sort of ’sponsorship’ certainly defeats the purpose.

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