Alertpedia email alerts: World of Alerts in a Single Place

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still fancying about the generic email alerts in you inbox.  More-or-less the same tits and bits from web, blogs, videos and excerpts from new sections. Juggling through various sites, where to get the latest alerts covering the entire stretch of affairs concerning your life. You may find more through Alertpedia. It has an holistic approach to alerts ranging from health advice to disease out breaks, childcare to maid services, craigslist, even events in your neighborhood like kid events the list continues.

There’s almost an encyclopedia of alerts to discover with Alertpedia. It’s somewhat different from Google Alerts basking with more routine news in bulk. Alertpedia is sort of more precise and almost gets to your neighbor. With access to Craiglist its no surprise.

Here’s a list of the alerts the service offers you

* Health news - like health advice, disease outbreaks, diet information, allergies, bird flu attacks, drug discoveries etc
* Craigslist - posting like in your area like items for sale, local jobs, community events
* Recalls - on food and products like toys with lead, food with bacteria, defective cars and electronics items
* Services - such as childcare, rentals, maid services, music lessons and so on
* Real estate - House and property prices in your neighborhood
* Local events - Events in your neighborhood like garage sale, kids events, parties, gatherings
* Jobs - Jobs related alerts based on location and preference of domain
* Travel - alerts about flight information from preferred locations
* And more alerts for earthquakes, traffic conditions, weather forecast and news items

Alertpedia widget is the new feature, website and bloggers need to be alert about. The widget would be available for the websites and blogs to host. Visitors to the site interested in its updates may enroll to Alertpeadia via widget. The websites or blog with widget can expect a hike in traffic while keeping the readers updated.

If this sounds interesting check it out for yourself.

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