Your profile picture on Facebook says it all

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ADELAIDE - An Adelaide-based social media strategist has revealed how the profile pictures on Facebook can tell more about the person than they realise.

Lee Hopkins said a photograph of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower, riding an elephant in Bali or any other travel shot suggests you are adventurous and keen to make your friends jealous.

A snapshot of yourself with friends at a party more than likely illustrates your social skills, while a portrait reveals a healthy dose of self-confidence.

“Facebook is a fascinating magnifying glass on our global society,” Adelaide Now quoted him as saying.

“It enables us to see both the big picture of our culture as well as the minutia of daily lives and is very good at allowing people to try on different personalities.

“Lots of people change their Facebook photographs regularly. To me, this says they enjoy showing those different sides, or are perhaps worried about coming across as dull and need to show how multi-faceted they are or what an interesting life they lead,” he stated.

He said those who rarely change their profile pictures, are either infrequent users or among the few who adore their profile pictures so much they do not want to change it. (ANI)

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November 1, 2010: 6:48 am

What about people that have pictures of pets or planes or some other picture? What does that tell about someone? You can leave that up to whoever makes the judgement, everyone’s perception of what they see on facebook can be quite different.

I know of a few people that do not want their own face staring at them while trying to interact online. I have a picture of my cat because I would rather see her than myself and I suspect that many feel the same.
Everyone is a psychologist! Not!

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