Top 5 Java Load Testing Software Review

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 15, 2009

stress-test In order to accurately test your application for performance, you need to apply some amount of load on it, and it is important piece of information the type of load it is subjected to.  The reason is that the load test will identify problems with the application and the configuration of the environment only for the load that it generates. I am listing here top 5 Java Load Testing tools that is worth trying.

  • Apache JMeter: This is 100% java test tool to load test the functional behavior and the performance of your application. JMeter simulates and analyzes different load scenarios to measure what a website can handle. JMeter works by acting as the “client side” of an application, and measures response time. As such, it’s half of the testing; the other half of the tool monitors metrics on the server side, such as thread counts, CPU loads, resource usage, and memory usage. JMeter mainly measures the performance of the target server from the client’s point of view.
  • PureLoad: This is a java stress testing tool that simulates 100 of user requests and executes that against server application. The test tool is used to figure out the performance of your application. The tool reports quality, performance and detail statistics from the load test. It has facility for easy recording and testing web application. The runtime architecture of PureLoad is fully distributed and all the components of this application are platform independent.
  • ProxySniffer: The Proxy Sniffer v2.9 tool contains a unique, special proxy server with integrated ssl tunnels to record unencrypted as well as encrypted HTTP(S) web browser surf sessions.  Based on these recorded surf sessions, it generates automatically load test programs in form of Java source code, which can be executed from any system that supports Java. The recorded web surfing session can be converted into a Java load test program, which can then be compiled and executed. All measured performance data and errors during a test-run are stored inside a single result file, from which consolidated detailed statistics and diagrams can be created.
  • OpenSta: This a free performance testing tool that can be used to test your web applications. You can simulate the action of hundred users running on several linked agent system. The recorder application of OpenSta triggers a browser and creates the test script which is recorded in the browser. During testing process we get some real time feedback from OpenSta. You can also export the data to Microsoft XL for further analysis.
  • Rational perforformance Tester: IBM Rational Performance Tester is a load and performance test tool to figure out the scalability of the Web-based applications. Rational Performance Tester simplifies test creation, load generation, and data collection to make sure that applications can withstand thousands of users at the same time. The main benefit includes codeless script, real time reporting for any performance problem identification, offers HTML view of Web pages visited during test recording, java code insertion for test customization,  provides resource monitoring and  can run large muti user test.

March 24, 2010: 12:29 am

hi to all, can anybody suggests some websites for getting java source code for resource monitoring.

Troy A
November 30, 2009: 5:27 pm

You also missed TestMaker by . There is a free community version and a commercial TestMaker Enterprise version. It is written in Java, runs 15+ scripting languages including Java, Python, PHP, Groovy, Ruby, Selenium and soapUI scripts. Cloud testing is built into the product and it tests the latest tech such as GWT, Iceface, Flex and others. It’s worth at least an honorable mention.

November 17, 2009: 1:30 am

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November 16, 2009: 12:53 am

hi there,

you missed faban( this tool has been around for a while and comes from SUN who produced java. they use it for a lot of professional work themselves .

I don’t know about the useability (we all know of most of sun’s useability tools, right ?) of this tool but it should be good for what they say it is provided you have the time to set things up.


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