Oracle Claims that Gogle Copied the Java Code Directly

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, October 29, 2010


Oracle amended their original  lawsuit by claiming ‘approximately one third of Android’s Application Programmer Interface (API) packages’ are ‘derivative of Oracle’s copyrighted Java API packages’ and related documents”. The company initiated the first lawsuit in August due to the fact that a section of Google’s mobile OS platform violates Java-related copyrights that Oracle acquired from the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The other allegation against Google includes infringement of Java related patents. Oracle’s initial lawsuit was not so specific like the latest one. Oracle is looking for an injunction to block the alleged use of its code. Google didn’t react to the updated lawsuit so far. In the past, the company responded against the charges that those are baseless attack on open source community.

“The infringed elements of Oracle America’s copyrighted work include Java method and class names, definitions, organization, and parameters; the structure, organization and content of Java class libraries; and the content and organization of Java’s documentation. In at least several instances, Android computer program code also was directly copied from copyrighted Oracle America code,” says Oracle.

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