David Remick’s, New Yorker’s Editor, Advice for Young Journalists & Bloggers

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

David Remick is New Yorker’s editor since 1998. He lead to a near-miraculous revival of the magazine, taking it to profitability and surpassing one million reader threshold. Unlike many magazines of the internet era, New Yorker features probing, lengthy (at times 10,000 words) articles, fine literature, selected poetry, reviews of art exhibitions or of historical biographies, clever columns and sophisticated, refined illustrations. There are barely any articles about celebrities. There are very few photographs. The format is rather rigid. The style is at times highbrow and always superbly intelligent. It doesn’t try to attract young and impatient readers, or to appease the advertisers. The humble man behind all these gives some sound advice for budding journalists.

Be obsessed with what you do, he says. He candidly admits his love for writing. I think his advice applies equally well to journalists and bloggers. Unless you love and are obsessed with what you do you cannot reach dizzying heights of success in any profession be it blogging, journalism or entrepreneurship. I think in the end it is the passion that counts more than anything else.


July 28, 2010: 4:35 am

i absolutely agree…PASSION is everything……i wont be able to say it directly translates into success in a field…..but it certainly gives a meaning to what we are doing

November 7, 2009: 1:34 am

Absolutely, PASSION is the key to success in any endeavour. Michael Jordan LOVED practicing basketball and it showed in the “game” he brought on the court. Me, I’m very passionate about House Music - especially Dark Progressive House - and I can’t wait for the future “DJ Sinister to the Max” to take my love for this genre to the dance floor masses.

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