Top 10 Websites for Free eBooks

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 3, 2009

ebook_imageBooks are man’s best friend. The thought hasn’t  changed except that an e has been prefixed to the Books. Now people love to read eBooks on their iPhone, PDA, Kindle or any eBook reader, else a laptop could do. These are so popular also because you get most of them free. Reading is the key to escalate your knowledge and by learning new things that you apply to life.

Whether starting with small business or a programming nerd or a literature aficionado, ebooks have become favorite with learners of every field. Well, I know everyone have their own favorite website for eBook. But there are differences. And to get them under one roof we tried to explore the top 10 sites for free eBook.

1. FlazX

flazxThis where the techies ramble around look for cool stuffs to feed their intelligence. Well, that implies you have myriad of free eBooks that includes anything from O’Reilly Hacks to  Advanced Java 2 Platform: How to Program (With CD-ROM). If you still don’t find what you are looking for search the Miscellaneous.


2. The eBook Directory

2ebooksdirectoryThe more you learn business tricks, the more you grow. There are dozens of free eBooks in this website that can help you with your business.


3. 4eBooks

3computer-programming-ebooksThis is where the freaky programmers can drop in. This is a massive collection of computer programming including books on .Net, Actionscript, Ajax, Apache and etc. Each of these books come with a snap.


4. Planet PDF - Free PDF eBooks Archive

4planet-pdfIf you were looking for an archive of classic works of literature. Here you have a legion of eBooks. Anna Karenina, Aesop’s Fables, Beyond Good and Evil and more stuffs.


5. Web Source

5wssourceHere is where you get the free ebooks for the business - Internet marketing, Advertising and Internet business. Extract some cool business tricks for Internet business.


6. ManyBook

6manybooksnetSo you searching for interesting eBooks for your iPhone, Kindle or any other eBook reader. This site offers a collection of more 23,386 eBooks.


7. Online Books Page


Choose from the list of 35,000 free eBooks on Web. The books are cataloged under authors, titles, subject, serials etc..


8. Project Gutenberg

8gutenbergThis is an outstanding collection of over 28,000 free eBooks. Look into the online catalog to get your books.


9. Free-eBooks

freeebooknetIn you get all sorts of books for any kind of information you seek or just stick to some fun stuff. There’s a long list of categories of book to choose from.


10. GetFreeEBooks

10gerfreebooksThis website allows you to grab some interesting free eBook site. Say for instance you can get 3 free eBooks from
for free. Sorry! But, that’s limited to the April Fool day.


August 8, 2009: 12:02 pm

I have written a book ” 60 + ” for the guidance of senior citizens. Many have read and benefited from it during the last 2-3 years. I would like to share it free as an e-book. Could you let me know how this can be done? I am Vice President of Senior Citizens Forum, Bhopal.

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