DVDs That can Last 1,000 years

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 13, 2009

dvdWould you like your valuable memories to be stored in a DVD that lasts as long as you live? Typically, a consumer grade DVD has a lifespan of two- to five-year. Well, we came across an immortal DVD that can last 10 times your lifetime. Developed by a start-up Cranberry LLC, this DVD could virtually last a millennium. Cranberry claims that their technology has been proved by researchers using the ECMA-379 temperature and humidity testing standards.

The DVD stores 4.7GB of data and uses the same standard DVDs to store data. Unlike the silver or gold reflective surface, the disc is transparent, with no reflective layer. The standard DVDs use a 650 nanometer wavelength laser diode to etch a small pit into a disc’s media surface. However, the DiamonDisc uses a higher-intensity laser to etch data into the “diamond-like” surface of its synthetic stone disc.

According to Joe Beaulaurier, Cranberry’s chief marketing officer

For the military, there’s no heat, light, magnetic waves or environmental abuse that will have an impact on these discs,

Customers purchasing the DVD will have to send their upload photos, videos or other content directly to Cranberry’s Web site or mail it to the company. Cranberry will data-write the DiamondDisc for their customers.

Coming to the price - a single DiamonDisc would costs $34.95. Two or more individual discs come for $29.95, and a pack of five discs is available at $149.75. The price of the burner is sky-high, priced at a freaking $4,995. Interestingly, the burner can be easily plugged into any standard USB port and is compatible with any standard DVD burning software.

Overtly, if you want you photos, videos or other valuable content to be archived imperishably for entire life and the future generations, DiamonDisc seems a definite pick.

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