ForceDo - Review of an Online ToDo List

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There’s a new generation of ToDo tools emerging to make tasks easier as never before. ForceDo is the new kid on the block with an entirely different stance. It’s a beta version launched for public test. It is an online system that sits quietly in a corner your PC and tells you that you have four pending tasks todo and that you got to do them with

in a time. ForceDo as the name suggests forces you to indulge into a purpose. The word force in ForceDo stands for time pressure and the Do impels you to complete the task. This is a kind of psychological upthrust to have the job done.

Getting Started

The key to ForceDo is to ensure that a to do is set up perfectly. The mental makeup of each person varies from man to man. there are those who can put up something on the todo list and complete it in time without any pressure. This is not the case with everyone. ForceDo deals with this better suggesting ways to split big tasks into smaller fragments.


The leading feature of the todo system as ForceDo claims is

# Help to concentrate on a task
#  Help to get more things done in shorter time
# Help to beat the procrastinantion
# it helps you to meassure your time
# it helps you to … more comming soon

Where to Use

This online todo system is open for all. In order to do a tasks sit in front of the PC, start the timer or countdown and power off the PC. Still the time keeps ticking. Alternately, you can use the ForceDo without using the timer functionality as a normal task list.

Why to Use

For Web workers or software developers who are online most of the time, ForceDo can be a handy tool to fix things in time. Given that, others like students can also use it to plan assignments.

Comparison with Ta-Da List

Now that ForceDo is in with remarkable promises for its future up-gradations does the much-talked about Ta-da (web based todo list tool) has something to be concerned. Well, not yet, since the ForceDo is still in its beta version and Ta-da is way ahead with over 4 million todos added to it. Ta-da has some utile features to score over other todo tools. It’s easy to make a list, share it with others and finish off by checking a box.

Its upto you. Give it a try if you are really looking for an online to-do list.


March 11, 2009: 11:21 pm

I tried Forcedo, its really cool!

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