How to Make Free Phone Calls from G-Talk

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 12, 2009

With the advent of VOIP technologies, it has become a cheaper substitution of land lines or mobile phones in telecommunication domain. Today, let me tell you a trick by which we can talk to any land phone or mobile phone through Gtalk voice facility and that too for free!

Assuming that you have a working headset with microphone and a Gtalk already installed (if not) in your PC, I shall now proceed.

  1. You can add the phone number of your relatives/friends in the same manner as adding contacts in Gtalk, but make sure to append at the end of the phone number having the following format:[country code] - [area code] - [phone number]
  2. Add the number in you Gtalk similar to the examples below:



3. Wait for a few seconds until you get a confirmation and instructions.  You will be assigned a         local phone number in which your relatives/friends can use to contact you

Remember that you cannot make out-going calls for more than 10seconds.  Your friend must call the local number assigned to you (that is linked to your gtalk account), to be able to talk with your friend for free using Gtalk.


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murtaza pakistan
April 27, 2010: 1:32 am

salam .i want to activate my windows7 where ican find the keys please tell me .thanks

November 2, 2009: 7:12 am

hi how r you
i am imran form ksa please provide that code my family leave in pakistan and i am leave in saudia when he call me i have revived that call on my galt plz rep me asap

thanks and Regares
Imran mirza

June 1, 2009: 5:17 pm

i want free call to bangladesg

May 22, 2009: 10:20 am

i wanna free call suadia to pakistan same this way but call not connected plz tell me how make free call from g talk of my friend which i leave in pakistan. rep on my email address.

February 11, 2009: 8:30 am

this does not work in india. i had tried to all my friend in india from india

January 12, 2009: 4:49 am

This is really cool. Now i can start making some free calls from my g-talk. Thanks for the post

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