Gmail Call Feature: An Assessment

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 26, 2010

goolgeGoogle never fails to sail in new seas. Google is all set to take its email service Gmail to a new level. Gmail already allows video chat and now on it allows users to make and receive calls right inside the browser using Google Voice. To KISS Google is trying to take on the most popular Internet telephony service Skype. The Google call service will closely associate with Gmail and Google Voice. It also an attempt to set the stage for Goolge’s upcoming social networking service.
Using the new service users will be able to make free calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers with their video camera and microphone. We delved into the various aspects to assess its success.

Competitive Price

It’s hard to beat Google prices, as calls within United States and Canada are free. However, calls to other countries come to an average of 2 cents a minute for calls to North Korea.

International rates for Gmail calls might vary greatly, say from $6.90 a minute to call Inmarsat, a British mobile satellite company to 2 cents a minute to call Poland or Brazil. Other rates are fairly close with Gmail voice calling rates for France being 2 cents which is less than Skype 2.1 cents plus connection fee. However, Google is offering it  free.

You need to reach for your cellphone instead of dialing your browser. It is a proven fact that Skype and other smartphones offers better voice quality most of the time.

Video Chat

Gmail doesn’t offer videoconfencing which is the key to attract business professionals. Gmail has free video chat facilities like Skype and plans to add video to Google Apps.

Google User Base

According to ComScore, Google thrives on a 179 million unique users each month. Google’s continues to expand its services to serve people.

Free service

Gmail free rate in the United States and Canada lasts at least until the end of this year. Google said it plans to roll the new system in the next few days. As soon as users see the call phones it shows up in their Gmail chat list.

There are few concerns about Gmail’s phone call system. One of the biggest is when the free rate ends.  Google hasn’t given any answers except that it will be free until the end of the year.

AS with other VoIP phones, you might expect delays of up to four seconds between saying and receiving the same at other end.

Overall on the positive-end new business owners who have never used the Skype can always go for Skype. They might also find the international calls that costs cheaper than the current calling plans in the coming months. No doubt Google stands good changes to taste success

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