Gmail Phone Calls Fail to Challenge Skype

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 26, 2010


Google now lets you place your phone calls directly from Gmail. The company launched its latest integration for Google’s Mail Service on Wednesday. You can make calls anywhere anytime now from your Google account.

Skype, who always has been the major in e-call biz. now faces a “challenge” if you call it that.

An icon symbolizing a phone is what you got to look for in your chat box, find it on the left in your Gmail interface. Next you must have the video and voice plugin installed. With these simple things done you are all set to converse with your buddies.


There are two tabs at the top of the dialing tool. The first, and default, tab is for the dialer itself. The second is a small clock, and when clicked reveals your calling history. If you have a Google Voice number, your Google Voice history is included in this calling history list. That includes calls made from the Google Voice Android application. Those who you call will see your Google Voice number in their caller ID, though Google Voice isn’t required for the Gmail calling feature to work.

The feature is powered by VoIP. But, sound quality is not as promising.

Google Voice and Gmail phone call ability fails to challenge to numero uno in the biz viz. Skype because Google’s service is limited to U.S. Skype provides free Skype to Skype calling facilities world-wide. Google on the other hand is eying a market. They aren’t much concerned with providing the free facilities at the moment.

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