How To Make Free VOIP Calls From Nokia N95

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 24, 2007

Real-time demo showing how to get free VoIP-rate calls on your new Nokia N95 phone by installing Truphone. Truphone routes your mobile calls via the internet. That means free mobile calls to other Truphone users. If you sign up before 30th September you can get free mobile calls to 40 countries worldwide for the rest of the year.

Truphone is available for Nokia’s new E-series and N-series phones.
To use Truphone you will need up-to-date firmware (get this from Nokia Software Update):
* on the E60 and E61, you will need firmware version 2.0618.06.05 or later.
* on the E70, you will need firmware version 2.0618.07.10 31-08-06 RM10 (RM24 in the US)
* on the N80 Internet Edition (N80ie) you will need firmware 4.0632.0.38 or later

To check the firmware version installed on your handset, press *#0000#. You can update your phone’s firmware yourself by downloading from Nokia Software Update.

Note: This is not an advertisement. I am not connected with TruPhone in any way.

February 24, 2010: 5:43 am

Great informative news. Thanks for sharing.

January 7, 2010: 8:59 am

hi i want to know that can i call frm internet by n95

August 13, 2009: 8:03 am

Skype, Truphone and Vopium is best on Nokia N95 for cheap international calls through Wifi.

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