Apple iOS 4.2 ‘Network Controlled Fast Democracy’ Reduces Network Traffic
A test conducted by the Nokia-Siemens duo revealed that the latest iPhone OS i.e.
How Mobile Car Apps Tend to Change the Way you Drive??
With the days passing by, it happens such that smartphones no longer are the only devices where apps will dominate.
Nokia India Woes Continue
NEW DELHI, INDIA ( Nokia which once used to be the de facto choice for the mobile users worldwide is slowly but steadily losing its market share in a lot of key markets including India.
Nokia Planning Big For India
NEW DELHI, INDIA ( It seems that Nokia is determined to regain its lost territory in the Indian market.
Apple Surpassed Motorola with 3% Share of Global Cellphone Market
According to the new data from iSuppli, Apple sold 8.75 million iPhones in the first 3 months of 2010 and slightly edged out Motorola which sold 8.50 million cellphone worldwide.
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