How to Use Blackberry as a Modem

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you ever imagine that your blackberry can be used as a modem too. Yes, thanks to berry4all, a free, open-source software for using your Blackberry on alternative OS’es (Linux, OSX)It has been tested on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora) and OS X (Tiger (PPC & x86), Leopard) and is found to be good. Let’s see and learn how to use your blackberry as a modem in Linux and OSX.



This script requires python, pppd, libusb and the python usb(pyusb) module installed:

sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb

or if you have an rpm system:

yum install python libusb-dev ppp pyusb

If you want to use the GUI, you will also need wxpython

sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8


if you are a Mac, you better find the installation procedure from here

Download berry4all


December 22, 2009: 5:20 pm

What an incomplete piece of crap article. So we install the packages, and then what? The configuration is the hardest part and you left that out. WTF?

December 21, 2009: 5:02 am

berry4all says its connected but its not. I can’t browse or use the the internet with it. What am I doing wrong? I’m using verizon through a blackberry curve 8330. The preferences are configured with PPPD config:verizon and the PPPD path:/usr/bin/pppd
When I tell it to connect, it says, “The modem is already Connected.”
But no internet. Any idea what I need to do different?

December 9, 2009: 1:06 am

if you use windows there isnt any problems but if you use linux then that is where all the fun comes in. So how do you use berry4all using ubuntu.

August 22, 2009: 8:51 pm

To connect to blackberry - No bullshit

Open Blackberry Desktop Manager and connect to you Blackberry

go to your network connections

create new connection

~connect to internet
~setup connection maually
~connect using dial up modem
(choose the modem that says Standard Modem (COM5) or something to that extent)
~name it
~Phone number is: #777
~skip user and pass

right click that connection and choose properties

go to networking

choose Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) then click propeties

click advanced

now uncheck Ip header Compression

All done

now to connect simply make sure your blackberry is connected to Desktop manager and start up te connection you just made. no need for tether programs and no bullshit.

have fun

July 7, 2009: 9:27 am

Can you let me know the berry4all conf file for Vodafone in India? I have the berry4all installed for Blackberry storm on my Ubuntu 9.04, but playing around with existing conf files isn’t helping me connect.


Sandeep Shah
June 22, 2009: 4:55 pm


I would like to if i can connect to my blackberry as modem and use internet from it. Im using vodafone edge service in India which is unlimited.

Please help me.

April 26, 2009: 7:10 am

i just want insctuctions to use my blackberry as a modem not a bunch of bullshit.

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