VMware Bags Novell Suse to Compete Red Hat

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 17, 2010


The elite VMware strikes again, and this time they will be hunting down Novell’s Suse unit.

Well, this word was spread by the much famed Wall Street Journal so I guess the claim they have made is backed up by whole lot of facts.

VMware is one of the most strategic companies of this era. They have always made well-planned moves and it is expected that this time also they have done their homework. Apparently an overview of the market can specify that one of the major major goals of the company in near future is competing with MSFT and neutralizing Red Hat virtualization.

VMware have made quite a few acquisitions in recent times including a few big names in the industry like SpringSource, Zimbra and now, possibly, SUSE and are moving really fast.

Now, the question that arises is, whether VMware is in some way trying to replicate Red Hat or is just following its trails to kill it at some later point of time and is preparing the grounds for the same.

Last week only Novell officials were spotted very busy with some deal and now I guess it is clear what it really was. By now the merger and acquisition norms should have been negotiated and we can expect a new phenomenona in no time.

VMware had always been more of a hardware virtualization org. but it now seems that they are up redefining the notions of their existence and identity.

No information on the where-abouts of the VMware-Novell sign-up is out as yet, but expectations are that they soon will be up with some official declarations.

According to public opinion, Novell wasn’t doing justice to Linux and thereby SUSE so it won’t be a bad deal if the virtual world mammoth gets to be in-charge of the same. The remaining assests of Novell, that includes Netware may be captured by Attachmate who also are pretty much promising if quality of services are taken into count.

The immediate question that storms the brain is whether or not VMware will succeed in taking good care of SUSE. Well, time can only answer this query. But, for now onething is for sure, the VMware family must be having a feast getting such a bounty and what’s more they will even avail Novell’s recently released Cloud Manager. VMware will hold SUSE as the operating system in its virtualization and cloud software stack. Both the companies have been working hand-in-hand for quite a long time so much re-configuration issues won’t have to be faced.

The Open Source Market is getting hype over the past few years and the companies have already sensed the facts and figures in the biz.

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