Is Google Suitable for Children below 12 Years?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Saturday, April 24, 2010

search In UK, the internet service provider Tibboh has done something interesting. It partnered with BBFC to age-rate the internet. BBFC like MPAA provides rating in UK for films that shows initially at the beginning of the movie. Tibboh says its servers have crawled automatically around 3 billion Web pages so far and provides rating according to BBFC’s norms.¬† Families can pay for group access to the Net via Tibboh and then they can control the kind of services that their kids can access. It addresses the the social discomfort about the type of content internet is delivering to your family.

Tibboh’s novel algorithm has given Bing and Google “12″ rating. Over-protective parents will approve of this, undoubtedly, and it is, certainly, one model for the way the Internet is going to censor increasingly in the future. Now a days, Kids are definitely exposed to net technology in a ways that were never before. But, some people may not buy the idea to restrict access to a 12 yr old child to the search engine because they may need to search Google to research their home work or they may be curious to know the creativity of the Net.

Do you like the idea that a body closely associated with the entertainment industry is using its control arbitrarily to censor the internet which is a vast resource for research, learning, entertainment etc. The newly released draft form of the ACTA global copyright legislation shows that the entertainment industry is desperate to lobby for laws that violates individual freedom and the objective of the Net to drive the innovative engine.

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