Top 10 Payroll Software

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Payroll is a major administrative hassle for every business, especially those running on small scale. It takes hours in calculating withholdings, completing government reports, depositing tax money in various accounts, and writing and signing checks. Apart from that there are other quarterly filings and tax-payment requirements that needs to be addressed on time. In case there are inaccuracies in processing it might result in legal repercussions. A hassle free payroll requires efficient payroll software that allows employers to pay the employees with ease, and manage payroll essentials like tax, insurance, holidays, absence and online year-end submissions to HMRC. For an easy selection we conducted an extensive research to sort out the top 10 Payroll software.

1. Intuit Payroll

This is one of the favorite payroll software packages for small business for its simplicity and ease-of-use. Clients can easily manage their payroll online anytime, anywhere. Intuit automatically fills in the latest federal.Intuit’s flexibility to the many unique variations makes it feasible for any business to adopt it on its payroll system.

Intuit Payroll standsout for its three pros

  • Unlimited payroll offered in monthly fee
  • All inclusive monthly charge based on three simple variables
  • Exteremely simple and intuitive to set up and use


2. SurePayroll

It is an online payroll software that allows comprehensive management of payroll tax requirements. SurePayroll can be integrated with the popular Desktop accounting software products such as MYOB Ltd.

Here are list of SurePayroll functions

  • They import and verify clients current year’s payroll records to ensure each employee receives only one W2 or 1099 from the business.
  • Calculates the wages and deductions
  • It deposit and files federal, state and local payroll taxes on time and with accuracy
  • The employees are paid by direct deposit and are notified about payment via email. Client may also print and distribute checks
  • Employees have 24/7 online access to their paystubs W2s and other payroll information
  • Allows accountants to access 24/7 online access to payroll reports
  • Provides client with customized labor law posters and other resources
  • It send calendar reminders of employee events, such as anniversaries and birthdays.


3. ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

It’s a reputed data-processing service provider in the midsize and enterprise markets. ADP is the most widely known provider of payroll and Human Resources outsourcing in America. The company also ventures into EasyPay payroll service. Their optional payroll services include filing, depositing and reporting of payroll taxes; direct deposit for employees and even signing and stuffing of payroll envelopes. ADP is favorite payroll software for a wide range of highly successful enterprises.

They offer three levels of payroll service for small businesses. The basic plan, called the Compliance Package, calculates payroll and federal, state and local taxes and reports new employees.


4. Paychex’s Online Payroll

It is a tightly integrated set of web based services that is capable of offering simple to most intricate payroll management feature with multiple rates of pay and complex deductions and workers’ compensation modules. Paychex Online Payroll can even post payroll data into popular general ledger programs such as Sage Software Inc’s Accpac, Thomson Tax & Accounting’s Creative Solutions, MYOB products, Sage Software’s Peachtree and Intuit QuickBooks.


5. E-chx Payroll Solutions

The payroll software is tailored for small businesses. It specializes in payroll tax preparation and administration, real-time internet payroll reporting, direct deposit, employee homepages and specific reports for CPAs. E-chx provides several payroll-service solutions for small businesses. Their online solution allows employers multiple input options (online, phone, fax), check insertion, direct deposit, laser check signing, employee home pages, payroll reporting, and specialized reporting. They also offer Restaurant Payroll for restaurant owners.

E-chx Payroll Solutions are flexible - users can create customized reports, process payroll from multiple locations with multiple users and generate checks internally that exempts the delivery cost. E-chx direct deposit allows a secure and cost-effective alternative to paper checks. The laser check signing feature reduces administration and expense by having E-chx laser sign your payroll checks. E-chx inserts the payroll checks into envelopes to ensure the confidentiality of employees.


6. PayUSA

The company has been into payroll services since 1969 and retains its notoriety. PayUSA boasts of a speedy Payroll service that is capable of delivering reports and even printable images of checks to users email inbox within hours of submitting your payroll data.

PayUSA’s payroll set up is simple and their payroll consultants provide needed assistance to get the process started. Producing payroll requires you to enter data that has changed and approved the payroll. It offers everything online including live paychecks. The payroll reports and check stubs are also immediately available.

It has a complete set of standard payroll reports that include cash analysis, deduction and tax liability reports. The users can also specify more than 100 other reports that are necessary.  It has a custom report writing function that allows for creation of custom report. The payroll information can be exported directly into QuickBooks.


7. Sage 50 Payroll 2010

This is ideal software for managing payroll in-house and employ more than 10 people.  Sage 50 Payroll offers real ease of use. Employees can be accurately paid by cash, cheque, BACS or e-Banking with password protected electronic payslips. The batch timesheets allow faster payroll processioning and allowing users to manage unlimited number of employees. All the employee records are stored in one place including appraisals, absence, disciplinary records, job and salary history.

With Sage 50 Payroll users can submit  P14 and P35 forms online, and the wizards take you through all pay and deductions that you have made over the tax year which must reach HMRC before the scheduled date. The software also offers e-banking facilities to pay both employees and HMRC directly.

Here’s some pros with Sage 50 Payroll 2010

  • Employers can create employee groups and manage an unlimited number of starters and leavers in a given year with additional charge.
  • Sage 50 Payroll forecasts the impact of pay increase, bonuses or overtime with the salary forecast tool.
  • The calendar and automatic reminders prompt users about the tasks such as submitting returns to HMRC

Sage 50 Payroll 2010  is priced at £311.38 (inc VAT)


8. ProPayroll software

ProPayroll is a comprehensive program that takes care of employee benefits such as sick leave and vacation time, deductions like insurance premiums and contributions to retirement funds. Further, it also keeps track of the employer obligations that employees typically don’t think about such as unemployment and worker’s compensation requirements.

It provides a host of standard reports for employers including a payroll check register, cash analysis, and deduction and benefit reports. The payroll service is appreciated for its remarkable customer service orientation. Clients can also furnish customized reports based on the specific business’ needs. Their payment options include direct deposits, printing checks locally or of having them printed by ProPayroll.


9. MyPayrollHR

It’s a unique payroll software that includes almost all the key payroll services in one flat, easy to calculate fee. All too often, outsourced services generally and payroll service in particular, engage in a game of invoice creep in which the original quotation seems attractive but there are always other fees that work their way into the equation. MyPayrollHR offers an all inclusive monthly fee. It’s one of the few payroll service providers that allows an unlimited number of payrolls during the month for that one fee.


10. XpressPayroll

The software includes simple processing. XpressPayroll does the full service tax filling, compliance, and payment for all payroll taxing authorities for one state. XpressPayroll offers efficient payroll management, full-service tax filing, compliance and payment for all payroll taxing authorities for one state. The payroll software also enables direct deposit for all employees, check and report printing on site,  online pay stub detail and W-2 forms and more.


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