Kinect Reveled At E3

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Monday, June 14, 2010


LOS ANGELES ( E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) witnessed the unveiling of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 hands-free motion gaming control system in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the gaming system “Kinect” is a re-branded name to what was previously codenamed as “Project Natal”. Kinect happens to be one of the most hyped products from the brain house of Microsoft which is destined to change the realm of modern-day gaming.

As speculated Kinect shall offer a stiff competition for both Sony PlayStation Move controller as well as for the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus which has recently been upgraded. Both Sony PlayStation Move controller and Nintendo Wii Motion Plus shall be showcased at E3 in the current week itself.

Kinect happens to be decked up with the revolutionary feature of motion sensors which makes it easy for a player to control all movements on the screen through real-time movements. It includes jumping, kicking, throwing a punch and even in some cases it has an extraordinary voice recognition ability.

Apart from the unveiling of the product, Microsoft also demoed a game in “Kinect” depicting how a player in reality can control his movements on the screen by the movement of his limbs. The Kinect demo lasted for two minutes following which the officials informed the media that they have plans in store to expand the market of Kinect which shall open up new avenues for Microsoft’s business to prosper.

Anticipating that Kinect will make its way to the market in a few days, some of the major retailers have already gone ahead to issue their web pages about the product. The Microsoft team however announced that Kinect shall hit the shelves towards the last phase of the current year.

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