Google Background Experiment Withdrawn

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 11, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( Anything that Google does becomes the headline, at least among the internet and technology addicts! So when the Internet search giant rolled out an option to add an image to its bare white search homepage it attracted the attention of millions of web users. It was being seen as a move to counter rival Microsoft’s Bing search service that also makes use of a custom background for its page. However, Google decided to put an end to the experiment yesterday just a few hours after rolling out the service.

As it turned out, the majority of Google users were not much happy with the custom background being shown in the homepage of the web search giant. In fact some people tried to find out how they could remove the image and get back the familiar white look. They did not even notice the image removal link given at the bottom of the homepage. Some angry users who did not like the change vented their wrath in social networking sites like Twitter and Google got the message. Marissa Mayer, the VP of Google search however said that a bug was the reason the image option was removed.

However, the people who actually found the background option cute should not lose heart. For making a customized Google background for the home page a user needs to switch to iGoogle. This gives the user plenty of customization options. However, it cannot be denied that the white classic look of the Google homepage has become a cult for the web users who would not want anything else in its place.

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