Power of Star Trek To Cure Severe Depression

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today I was reading a very interesting blog by Scott who has detailed analysis of all Dr. House episodes which are very engrossing to read. I also came across his experience as a medical student where he was treating a patient with severe depression - “Mrs. D was brought to the ER last night for severe depression. There was no suicide attempt; her family was worried because she was staying in bed and not willing to move for the past week. Since being brought to the ward last night, she hasn’t moved at all; she’s just lay in bed staring at the ceiling.” Scott (don’t know his last name) was assigned to work on her case. Let’s hear it his own words how Star Trek cures when even Thanksgiving or even love of family fails:

“Hello, ma’am. I’m the medical student, Scott. How are you doing today?”
There was no response. Not even a twitch of muscle or a flicker of eyelids.
I pulled a chair next to the head of the bed and sat down. I tried again, “Are you in any discomfort? Is there anything I can do?”
There was no change. She continued lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.
I pulled out the history form, and asked the first question. “How long have you been feeling depressed?”
No answer. No movement. It was like trying to talk to a brick wall. It was time to try a different tack.
“Tell me about your children. How old are they?”
This time there was a brief twitch of the eyes, but no other movement.
“Are you and your children getting ready for Thanksgiving?”
There was another eye twitch, but nothing else. Clearly, she could hear and probably respond, but was choosing not to.
“You were brought to the ER last night,” I said, getting no response. “So you missed Star Trek, then.” This was Star Trek the Next Generation’s last season, and it was shown on Sunday nights in St. Louis.
Her eyes opened, and she turned her head my way. “Why? Did I miss anything important?” she asked. I laughed, and we spent the next hour talking about Star Trek.


He also has many more interesting stories from medical school here. If you like Dr. House you will probably enjoy his stories too.

I too like Star Trek and I am sure so do many of you. But have you ever imagined how powerful its impact could be on human mind?


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star trek to cure depression that is such a good idea

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