Twitter is Flooded in India Due to Obama’s Visit
Twitter, the microblogging site was overwhelmed with messages in India since the moment US President's Air Force One touched down at Mumbai. Twitter with swamped with messages ranging from eating out suggestions for the US first couple to humorous comments on his visit.
Google’s Homepage Puzzles Users
SAN FRANCISCO ( Google's latest doodle has created a great buzz on the web as people all over have shown curiosity at the oddly bouncy and colorful balls that make up the logo today.
8 Reasons Why Even Hitler Hates iPad  (Parody)
Hitler based parodies are a popular meme and for a good reason.
Get Tweets on Your T-shirt for $20, Earn Money
Twitterers, here is another news you will just love to know.
meebo’s Sweet Reminder of ‘Come Back’ Ad
Talk about putting it mildly but effectively, here is an advertisement that can really make you feel for it.
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