Solving pppoe: Timeout waiting for PADO packets

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our DSL link, provided by BSNL (aka World’s crappiest broadband service), was down yesterday causing enormous hardship. However today when it came back up, I could connect it using Windows (yeah, we still have couple of spare laptops lying around) but not on Linux. It gave me errors like:
1. pppoe: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
2. LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests

All the while the lights (DSL, Power and LAN) were on indicating connectivity. I could also connect to the modem indicating that the connection was ok (think again!). I tried everything imaginable like re-running the adsl-setup to create a new connection after deleting the old one, directly used adsl-connect, restarted network, even rebooted. None of them helped.

Finally I did the obvious, pushed harder the LAN cable connecting the computer to the DSL. And then the connection was back up!

So in conclusion never forget the obvious, the first thing you should try is push / adjust the LAN cables to ensure proper connectivity. In my experience with networks, over 90% of the problems are due to cabling.


March 15, 2010: 7:24 am

Naah in my case theres..nothing wrong with the cable - connecting the same cable to window$ works fine - will update once im able to solve the problem.

May 25, 2009: 6:41 pm

The question is, why is the pppd daemon exiting instead of retrying until it gets a connection… What i get here is 10 PADO timeout and an exit. After that you have to go to the machine, that’s the wrong aproach, pppd should never exit!

December 18, 2007: 5:14 pm

It still looks like a connectivity (read LAN / cabling) issue. Linux is pretty stable in ADSL connectivity.

December 18, 2007: 4:35 pm


What if the connection *is* established but after a while it drops…?
And I can\’t even dial back out again - won\’t work. But will connect again everytime I reboot…

It gets even better!
If I just reboot the connection is up for 3 to 5 minutes.

BUT… If I use the Startup Manager in Ubuntu before I reboot… It will last from half an hour to several hours!

Still think it\’s a cable issue in my case…?

Which I had checked in the same frentic despair you portrayed above…

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