Top 10 Productivity Plugins for WordPress

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 18, 2009

wordpress-pluginWhen it comes to blogging, WordPress is the most powerful CMS available on Internet.  Wordpress becomes all the more smart with its comprehensive list of extensions or plugins. The Wordpress plugins are designed to serve a wide range of purposes from email to adsense earnings. But, if you are looking to make your WordPress blog more productive here’s something you can look for. After an extensive combing through WordPress plugins, we sorted out the top pluggin that can optimize the productivity of your blog. Have a look at the the top 10 productive WordPress plugin.

1. Google Analytics


It’s important for you to track the health of your site. Google analytics is a free web tracking and management plugin for Wordpress. The plugin adds the necessary code to immediately begin tracking all pages on your WordPress blog.


2. Page Mash


It’s a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for page management on your website. Page Mash offers an Ajax interface that enables quick re-ordering of pages through drag-and-drop.  You can modify the page structure by dragging a page to become a child or parent.  In addition, you can dynamically alternate list coloring, quickly rename pages, toggle page to make it hidden and much more.


3. Video Quicktags


If you have become tired of copying and pasting the embed HTML from sites such as YouTube this is your opportunity to get rid of the hassle. With Video Quicktags you can just click a button, get the right screen  (with rich editor) and insert the URL of the video into the prompt box, you are done. It’s as simple as that. Further, you can customize the how the videos will be displayed including the width, height, color, alignment on any page. Not just this, your site will remain XHTML valid for codes of major video sites. The video sites supported by the plugin include

  • YouTube
  • Google Video
  • Veoh
  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Viddler
  • Metacafe
  • Flickr videos
  • MySpaceTV


4. Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter


This WordPress plugin adds all feeds of your latest content from FriendFeed or Twitter in your blog.  It requires no external password. You can choose to import content containing all your chosen hastag that becomes your mechanism to send your micro-blogging content to your blog.


5. WP Greet-Box


This plugin allows you to highlight different greeting messages to your new visitors depending on their referrer URL. It offers you all options for adding, editing, deleting and disabling these greeting messages as you choose.

For instance, if a Twitter user visits your site, they would see a message requesting them to twit the post and follow you on Twitter. For the new visitors you can set a default greeting message for new visitors.

The new messages would increase your loyal readership, exposure and reader interaction.


6. Mail Press

Using this plugin you can send exotic and styled html and plain text mails based  on dedicated themes and templates for any e-mail notification. These can be issued for

  • Comment subscribers
  • Specific admin events - new comment on your post, registration of a new user, comment to moderate
  • Periodic newsletter or post notification you provide – per post delivered daily, weekly and monthly


7. Adman

The WordPress plugin allows you to place your adv right at the center of your posts.  This can be quite a handy thing if you wanna increase your overall click, through rating of your ads.


8. Optimize DB


Well, there’s no doubt that MySQL is a perfect database, but in some cases it clean up the way it should have. Optimize DB optimizes your WordPress database tables by effectively defragmenting them. This is especially useful for the tables that are frequently updated.


9. Broken Link checker


The plugin would monitor your blog looking for broken links and allow you to know if there are any of them.  It is pretty useful in case you have lots of content on your blog.

In addition, monitors links in your posts, pages, the blogroll and custom fields optional.

  • It detects the link that doesn’t work and missing images
  • Checks ASAP for new/modified posts
  • Configure the link checking the intervals
  • It allows you to see the broken links, redirects as well as the complete list of links used on your site
  • You can edit or unlink the links on each plugin page, without editing each post


10. MobilePress

MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your WOrdPress blog on mobile handsets. The plugin also allows you to use customized themes. The plugin also allows you specific themes for specific devices and mobile browsers such as the iPhone, Opera Mini and Windows Mobile.


March 28, 2010: 4:45 am

Thanks bro kip doing d gud work! Nice content

August 11, 2009: 4:46 pm


Nice list!

I’ve released a new mobile plugin that whilst it doesn’t allow you to create posts from your mobile (yet), it does allow commenting and ensures that every mobile visitor in the world to your site gets a great user experience.

Version 1.3 has just been released and there are tons of features available for you to really configure your mobile blog to look just the way you want it!

The home page can be found herE: - if you fancy a go it’d be great to hear your feedback!

July 22, 2009: 9:56 am

all of the plug in is nice to use
but i find something new about this nice plugin and i will install broken link checker into my blog thank for sharing my friend

July 19, 2009: 10:19 pm

does the pagemash plug in work with 2.8?

July 19, 2009: 7:13 pm

this is really really cool post i tried all the plugin and wow!!!!!!

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