Top 10+ Twitter App for Bloggers

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

followmeon-twitterWhen I see bloggers desperate to build up Twitter following, it reminds me of the Pied Piper of Hamelin who would have the children follow his flute’s tune. Well, the modern Pied Pipers, pop star Britney Spears, actor Ashton Kutcher  and the TV network in the battle for most popular Twitterati are striving to touch the million followers mark. Certainly, for any blogger, building upon the followers is one of the straightest ways to generate traffic to their blog. As blogger are getting more seasoned with Twitter, there has been an increase in the tools and apps for a better Twitter experience.  There are a whole lot of apps for the bloggers to enhance their Tweeting experience. I picked up the top 10 + Twitter apps for bloggers.

1. Friend or Follow

For those who are not aware of the reciprocation rule need to know that if you are following several profiles on Twitter you should also have as many following you.This application allows you to find who is not following you back in Twitter. All you need to do is enter your twitter name and you’ll get those not following you back.


2. Tweet This

It is a Wordpress plugin that attaches a Twitter icon to every post and page. All your readers will be able to share your blog entries on their Twitter accounts.


3. Twitter Feed

This app is designed for those blogs which release information via RSS or Atom feed.  Their servers check your blog’s feed at  regular intervals. You can also post new items to the specified service.


4. Tweet Later

With this app you can schedule the publication of your tweets for your followers when they are online. It’s an handy tool to keep in touch with your new followers by sending automated thank you notes. Further, the it also allows you to set up alerts and track keywords in the public Twitter stream.


5. TwitterLocal

It can highlight all the Tweets in any location. This helps the boggers to find friend around a location. Now it’s a TwitterLocal AIR application that allow you to subscribe to location feeds.


6. Twubble

If you are looking to expand your twitter circle you can add the friends of your friends. This app searches your friend graph and highlight the people you would like to follow.


7. Twitteroo

This twitter app keeps in touch with the people you follow in your Twitter. The twitter official download is for Windows platform.


8. Twilert

There are application that provides you with the email updates of tweets containing the brand, product, service and almost any keyword you like.



This one is a free web application that allows you follow 5 unique keywords per Twitter account. This app can be a for finding and adding new people to follow you.


10. Twonvert

If the 140 word limits is what cripples you, this app can be of help. Twonvert enables you to do more with the tweets by converting them into SMS shorthand language. So with your lingo you can convey more in less character.


Bonus: Qwitter

This is a simple app that alerts you with email when someone quite following you on Twitter.


To find more interesting Twitter apps wait for our next post.

April 29, 2009: 11:32 am

Cool apps for Twitter. Certainly worth checking. Thanx a lot.

April 22, 2009: 10:35 pm

Hey I clicked some of the links you included here. Will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing.

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