Taptivate Develops Friends for iPhone
NEW YORK ( -- Taptivate is developing their latest iPhone or iPad application named "Friends".
11 Easy and effective Ways to do business through facebook
Facebook, besides being the one step solution to entertainment and social networking, also comes with a multitude of advertising opportunities for big businesses, entrepreneurs and even independent artists and freelancers.
An Interview with Indian Travel Search service 90di’s co-founder Khushnood Naqvi
From this day, Simple Thoughts is starting up a series of interviews with prominent entrepreneurs from India and all over the world.
Top 10 MySpace Editors
If you are tired of your ho hum MySpace layout and still don't have a clue how to get rid of it, here's something for your relief.
Top 10 Twitter Software for Linux
For those who think microblogging is no business and just a fan-following vogue, let me tell its one of the most powerful media today.
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