Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, March 28, 2009

Street Sweeper - Secure recession proof jobAs the economy slows down, it’s harder to find good job opportunities in both technical and traditional lines of work. After interacting with HRD professional in different industries, Dipankar has found top 5  recession proof jobs in this economy. Of the 5 the only job relevant to my blog viewers is:

Network System Administrator: Many technology jobs can be performed by outsourcing. But, the company must deal with the above problem onsite.

I think network sysadmin job can be outsourced too but there are limitations. If your server goes down, you need someone at hand to shout to, no?

Any company worth anything needs a system administrator to run the show so I too think they have a very secure job as long as the company is surviving.

The other job in IT sector which is recession proof is Oracle DBA. Database administrators are the heart of any show which includes Oracle database in the mix. Unlike say MySQL or Sysbase, Oracle database requires a fulltime DBA for looking after the database. As such Oracle DBA’s can sleep in peace knowing their job is secure even today.

BTW: Do you think the economy is recovering?

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